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Access control

Equipped with the best fingerprint algorithm in the world, the solution access control Suprema has maximized comfort and user safety, by solving the problems of other control systems conventional access that apply the RF cards or password keys.

No other control systems based on existing fingerprint input, the access control solution Supreme can provide various control functions of high-level access at an affordable price, and is built on a removable control structure for easy installation.

Most other systems existing access control have a centralized operation that requires reader RF card and lock - that are installed on the door - to be connected to an expensive controller, and tend to have a structure of complicated wiring.

access control

When the controller is out of service, which affects all the doors that are connected to the central control system. But the solution access control Suprema has a fingerprint device that recognizes (BioStation and BioEntry Plus) installed on each door, which functions as its own intelligent controller, thereby providing better flexibility and security. In addition, the extension unit Secure I / O is installed inside the door so that users can have greater security can only offer a removable structure.

The solution access control Suprema has limited space using an Internet network suitable based on TCP / IP, and can perfectly support the various functions of control input from the control system simple access one door to the network type access Control System further complicated.

It is a revolutionary solution with powerful advantages, such as the economic cost of Access Control System. While offering the same advantages of a fingerprint-based system is easier to install and connect cables compared to other cards based on existing RF system, because it is built on a single removable structure.


Prepared for mobile use.


BioStar 2 Mobile application uses the cloud BioStar 2 via the API. It is designed to interact with the BioStar server 2 Local through BioStar 2 API and allows users to gain remote access to the server and perform system operations / user and system monitoring anytime and anywhere . Using the API BioStar 2 maintains the integrity of security during remote access server.