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Electronic Security

An important part of the security strategy to protect the environment.

electronic security

According to the defined security strategy to protect the environment, you can have the following protection systems:

  • CCTV System: We implement the best analog, hybrid and IP solutions. Video stores information with the best resolutions, even lets you view images in real time.
  • Access Control System: Allows you to manage levels of access to the occupants of the room and visitors. According to customer requirements, it is also possible to manage access times and egress of occupants.
  • Intrusion System: Detects by the seventos unscheduled areas. Detecting the DISPLAYa in a centralized panel, which alert locally or remotely responsible environmental security personnel.


The images of protected areas are captured by cameras and sent via the existing infreestructura to storage equipment. Saved images can be played locally or remotely; and it is possible to reproduce images on monitors in real time. The basic architecture of this type of services includes (fixed, pan-tilt-zoom and dome) cameras, one composed of coaxial cable or UTP and recording devices (DVRs, NVRs, servers, storage) infrastructure.

Access Control

As technology offer solutions up to 3 types of constraints: proximity, biometrics and keyboard. Proximity technology card requires for its operation, requires biometric fingerprint or iris recognition technology while keyboard requires entering a personal password to open. The service of such solutions include biometric readers, electromagnetic locks, switches output; which are connected to a panel composed by a manuSystem Intrusion

Sensors and devices chosen for a particular solution are individually associated with an intrusion panel area. The panel notified by an audible signal and textual activating a device. Intrusion System enabled devices comprise dry contact as Pirs, magnetic contacts, sensors waterlogging, perimeter barriers, pushbuttons assault, among others. the hang independently enabled devices to each zone panel intrusion, locally and remotely cua notifies the occupants of the activated events.