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Energy efficiency

efficiency energy
Before thinking about alternative energy sources, it is important and necessary to reduce consumption, there are various forms of consumption as well as various forms of savings.

In this process two fronts estimate savings, the lighting part, and the mechanical part in the production process. Following the line that marks the relationship clearly, that the less we consume less spend, and also if we self-sufficient consumption is even lower.

The study is an analysis and audit of energy consumption which are on the ground: lighting, machines, etc.

  • Detection of areas of increased consumption within the plant. The customer information on current energy demand.
  • Audit and Field Engineering: diagnosis, assessment and proposal of solutions:
  • Good habits among employees.
  • Energy efficiency equipment - lighting.
  • Electromechanical equipment - inverters, starters, among others.
  • Self-sufficiency -% of consumed energy obtained by solar energy.
  • Offer Presentation and Reporting.

Lighting: The higher energy consumption. According to US government statistics, lighting accounts for 39% (offices) and 55% (educational establishments) energy consumption.

In Colombia, the percentage is even higher as there was no air conditioning or ventilation ducts in most buildings. Savings in energy consumption and air conditioning: Using control systems can get savings of up to 60% of energy consumption for lighting, and up to 30% ventilation.