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Schedule Control

Businesses can benefit from the system by preventing loss of wages while improving labor productivity, as the management solution working hours of employees Suprema fingerprint eliminates the possibility that people who come working as Buddy Punching or asking manufactured overtimes.

Corporations and public and governmental institutions can also enjoy various tracking hourly work and supervisory functions in the calculation of compensation for business trips, special assignments, overtime and shifts, in addition to regular employee time that He came and went to work.

Accurate results can be easily and accurately reflected in the calculation of salary management and human resources. The solution Supreme hours of work is capable of rapid fingerprint authentication, thereby allowing the input data to be recorded immediately as it is created, without wasting time, even during the rush hour busy morning.

By computerizing data working hours generated by the system, the HR department can improve their performance at work. It also allows centralized management of working hours of employees working in several different locations, and the necessary data for various decision-making can be collected and reflected effectively.

With Supreme, any business or institution can have the optimal system connecting it to their own or other existing systems, allowing for innovation management that resolves potential management problems working hours, while saving labor costs and the structure.

Easy to use

Automatic synchronization user

The new additions, deletions and modifications of data users on the server will automatically sync on devices configured in the system.

Automatic device discovery

The function allows the platform detects all devices connected within the IP network for configuration and installation.

Automatic update notification via cloud

BioStar 2 receives the update notification system through the cloud-based service. All updates can be installed with just a few clicks or automatically, depending on the system configuration.