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The basic principles are the underlying service thereof, which serve to understand and apply in turn the best way to use their profits for the company.

1. Service attitude: intimate conviction that it is an honor to serve.

2. User satisfaction: It is intended to meet a need, to sell more product satisfaction.

3. Given the transitory, inmediatista and variable nature of the services, a positive, dynamic and open attitude is required: that is, the philosophy of "every problem has a solution" if you know to look.

4. All activity is based on ethical grounds: It is immoral to charge when not given anything or will provide.

5. Good server is who within the company is satisfied, a situation that encourages him to serve happy customers: Require good services to those who feel enslaved, frustrated, exploited and breathes hostility against the company, is to ask what impossible.




  • Make quality a habit and a frame of reference.
  • Establish specifications for products and services in agreement with all staff and with customers and suppliers.
  • Systems, not smiles.Say "please" and "thank you" does not guarantee make work right the first time. Instead systems themselves.
  • Anticipating and consistently meet the needs of customers.
  • Freedom of action giving all employees who have dealings with customers, ie authority to address their complaints.
  • Ask customers what they want and give them time and again, to bring them back.
  • Customers always expect the fulfillment of his word. Promise less, give more.
  • Show respect for people and be attentive to them.
  • Explicitly recognize every effort to implement a culture of quality. Remunerate their employees as if they were his partners (incentives).
  • Do as the Japanese. That is, investigate who are the best and how they do things, to usurp their systems, then improve them.
  • Encourage clients to say anything they do not like, and manifest themselves what they like.
  • Most importantly, do not leave customers waiting for service, because everything else go unnoticed by him, as he will be upset and unwilling to any suggestions or comments, no matter how important it may be.