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The best developers at your service. A portfolio of services of the best software developers, web and maintenance of platforms and networks. They know programming languages and database management, using technologies such as Android, Java, Jquery, IOS, Windows Phone Apps, PHP, HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript.

Always thinking smart, robust, secure and reliable for both its administrators and end-user environments.





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Developments as standalone, ie, using languages ​​either compiled (C, C ++, Delphi), semicompilados (.NET, Mongo, Java), or interpreted (Python) to create both functionality and all interface users, but It fits perfectly oriented web development for such purposes, being more homogeneous platform, and depending on the technologies used, faster and more robust both to design, implement and test, as for use once completed.

Functionally, the developer, who is who does this work, usually only concerned with the operation of the software, it is the task of design worry final appearance (layout) product and webmaster to integrate both sides. Sometimes the webmaster is also responsible for updating the contents of the page. The languages ​​most used in development programming are mainly: ASP.NET, PHP and JSP, although there are still those who use ASP and Perl.

Our services are oriented in the most flexible way possible with several working modes:

  • KPO: Knowledge Process Outsourcing - Where our team handles integrally a part or full development based on the requirements set forth by the client.
  • Payment by project or time / Developer.

Always looking positively optimize the KPO as strategic outsourcing processes Added value greater specialization urn or organization such as engineering and design, market research, etc., thus a significant reduction in related costs is achieved the recruitment of highly specialized resources.

Basically have a interdisiciplinar team or a specialized profile with a much lower cost than direct and secure in their field expertise in the tasks for which they are required hiring.