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Help Desk

Our first level support, Help Desk, Remote Assistance, provides an effective and simple immediate support to our customers.

A first level support, Help Desk, as a resource for information and assistance that aims to solve incidents ICT (Information Technology and Communication) and similar products. This, channeled through a helpline, and a telematic service.

There may also be the internal support that provides the same kind of help for employees of the same organization or society. The functions that determines the first level support, Help Desk are several. Our service class support, help desk, help, from a central point (through an application support) to customers who have some impact / damage / issue, on various issues concerning ICT (Information and Communication).

Our first level support, Help Desk, manages requests (incidence / fault / issue) via software, which allows you to track them with a unique ticket number or tracking. This can also be called "Local Fault Monitoring" or LBT by its acronym (Local Bug Tracker).

Our software sometimes be an extremely useful tool when used to find, analyze and eliminate common problems in similar environments of an organization.

A first level (1st level), consisting of a qualified, certified technicians in various technological fields of ICT, which are prepared to respond and resolve the most frequently asked questions, ie those belonging to the FAQs (frequently asked questions ) included in our knowledge base.

And a second level (2nd level) and higher levels Help-Desk, composed of qualified engineers, who handle the toughest calls, which could not be resolved by the 1st level. This function may develop even in person at the customer's place if necessary.

The process or service running first level support, would be: The user notifies your problem through one of the access channels: phone number, website, service e-mail or online chat. Our first level support issues a ticket containing details of the problem. 1 level analyzes the problem and try to solve. If so, the ticket is closed and updated with documentation of the solution to enable other service technicians have a reference. If the problem needs to be scaled, it will be referred to the 2nd level. 2nd level analyze and resolve the problem by closing the corresponding ticket and updating the documentation of the solution to enable other service technicians have a reference.