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Half the spaces are smaller and the communication needs increase, then new transport solutions for voice, data and video appear through different means of transport unifying communication all in one means, among which stands out are the fiber optic, radio links and CAT 7A. For this our company accompanies providing solutions based on customer needs and works to market trends.

  • Structured cabling category 5, 5E, 6, 6A, 7A.
  • Outside plant copper, optical fiber and radio link
  • Electrical networks - stabilized
  • Data center
  • Radio links
  • VoIP
  • Certifications: o Copper Category 5, 6, 6A, 7: Fluke Networks and SunSet MTT or fiber optics: OTDR


Our project department manages services with a wide range of installation and configuration of radio links, fiber optic cables and copper cables ensuring the best manufacturers. Thus, the suitability of the projects involved and the unbeatable quality / price of the facilities performed.

Our extensive experience, we offer and guarantee structured cabling solutions integrated including a series of cables, sockets and patching hardware. All components work together to produce an electrical output that meets the standards of Category 5, 6, 7 / Class E of the ISO / IEC and TIA.

All elements of the system meets this standard: patch panels, cable twisted pairs 4, patch cords, modules, and so on. In most companies cabling installations Voice-Data are made with long-term view and should be treated as an investment in ICT (information and communications technology).

Because of its importance, structured cabling installations shall be planned and carried out by qualified professionals. Therefore, our company has a qualified and certified by the most important manufacturers in this sector team.

To ensure the success and proper functioning of an installation of structured cabling for voice and data, define the use to which it will allocate the net, make a correct dimensioning of jobs and make a correct forecast of the structures needed for installation.

Before installing network cabling voice-data, it is necessary to have measurements and any important feature for installation can be performed according to existing regulations. To carry out the implementation of structured cabling, as well as being necessary to use materials wiring connectivity and quality certificate with corresponding specifications.