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Call Center

call center


Professional profile

Our professionals are people with years of experience in sales, responsible, determined and goal-oriented, including their skills can find you need to take a good business relationship with your customers. Trade have empathy, know how to listen, they are creative, have a spirit of teamwork and ease of speech, are also committed to provide excellent service to your customers.



 contact center

  • Broadcast Services and receiving calls.
  • High ratios Sale in Products and Services.
  • Access to new global markets through the RED.
  • Fast Answers and guarantee results.
  • Experts in marketing products and services
  • Cross Selling campaigns and lists Frias.
  • Customer loyalty
  • Recovery CUSTOMERS
  • Unpaid monitoring, Collections and Recoveries.
  • Consumption Control Services.
  • Interviews concentration
  • Database update.
  • Opinion Surveys.
  • Market surveys.
  • Customer service.
  • Comprehensive Claims Management.
  • Consultants and Specialists advise potential customers.