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The problem

In an increasingly competitive world everything becomes complex and is very difficult to maintain the balanced scale.

  • Problems to be competitive.
  • Need to cut jobs and costs.
  • Launching new products.
  • Expansion.


The solution

  • Promote the use of ICT = Optimizing performance, cost reduction and increased productivity.
  • That SMEs obtain the same benefits as multinationals such as telephone, Visa, HP, among others.
  • Having staff in the network reduces costs by 65%, making profitable the company, still in force.

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Why Outsource human talent?

  • It allows the customer to focus on key business processes.
  • Cost reduction selection and personnel management.
  • Flexible process to the increase or decrease of staff employed.
  • Managed and measurable through service level agreements process.
  • Updating the expertise of staff.
  • Standardized and efficient process.
  • Flexible process according to the profiles and scope requested by the customer (customization of technical tests, home visits, etc.)


How to work?

We take care of:

  • Provide qualified personnel according to customer's request, within the agreed time with the best quality, to work on the assigned account.
  • Have the physical space, software, jobs and working tools.


The customer is responsible for:

  • Define the guidelines and methodology to operate.


Both parties define service level agreements, monitoring methods and the conditions necessary to obtain the desired results.

Defining Profiles

In conjunction with the person designated by the customer profiles to select charges in order to ensure the maximum setting of the candidates they are described. In this space, they are reviewed and adjusted technical tests. Ensuring that all areas of knowledge required for the position are evaluated.


Collect the resumes of potentially qualified through formal and informal channels different candidates: Job portals, university contacts and other bags resumes nationwide. Selection


Staff assessment is performed by applying the techniques and psychological tests required and defined for each position. A detailed report of the results of the selection It is delivered by each shortlisted candidate, also indicating which is the most optioned. At this stage of the process it is important to have individual candidates by the customer, in order to ensure that the final decision is the most appropriate interview.