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SAPH: Horizontal Property Administration System

This desktop application was designed to manage receipts management. With the ability to create residents, generate billing, record payments, generate reports and end of the month, configure and calculate the percentages of arrears, prompt payment discounts, and court dates.

software administracion conjuntos

System Description:

  • software cuota administracionRegistration: Through a simple interface, the application administrator can register residents determining which fields are required, the system can currently three tasks:
  1. Property Type: Apt - Local - Office
  2. Give a compliance order defined by assigning a number.
  3. Modify data, change values ​​receivable among others.


  • Billing: Once registered all residents of condominiums, can generate invoices, send print, export to PDF, or print one in particular.
  • Registration Payments: The system allows two payment dates (one discount the first) we are able to record payments in an orderly, indicating who paid discount, who in ordinary time and who was in default. At the end of the system immediately makes the calculation of the following month, calculating default interest among other details.
  • software cuota de administracionBackups: The system can generate backups periodically and the possibility of being stored in the magnetic medium of your choice. (USB, external hard disk, DVD, CD, etc.).

Being a software in a modern environment can run on Windows XP and higher operating systems.

This tool allows you to export the entire database in an XML file, which favors the change machine without losing any information.

  • Reportería: The application generates reports payments once registered, to know the status of the portfolio, who paid at date 1, who at the time 2 and which are delinquent. By the end of the month to move to dpto accounting.

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