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SEC: System Entry Control

This desktop application was designed to manage badging and access of employees to a condominium or industry. Based on the client / server model you have two versions of desktop connected to the central server via the local network. With the ability to manage real-time to create, edit, delete, print and review of ID cards, update and query the goals of this information.

System Description:

  • Registration: Through a simple interface, the application administrator can register a new employee data is entered on the form, determining which fields are required, the system can currently three tasks:
  1. Entering personal data of the person and record in the database.
  2. Search matches, during registration the system identifies whether the record number exists already registered, showing the previous record and denying the creation of the new to be duplicating an existing record.
  3. Image capture of two ways: Through computer webcam used with the software, or attach an existing photo.


  • Renewals: Within the record of each employee is the date on which the license must be renewed, the system has a calendar where alerts will be advised what what day card expires.

This measure will enable always exercise control over employees with work permit to enter the condominium, coupled with this, the calendar is a tool.

  • Types of Carnet: The system allows for types of license, at the discretion of the administration, allowing categorize the list of them and to identify permanent, temporary workers, service workers, gardeners, security personnel, bodyguards, etc.

In this section the two printing options are open:/span>

  1. Continue printing on paper in the same format currently has.
  2. Print PVC card with a predesign prepared for them.


  • Backups: The system can generate backups periodically and the possibility of being stored in the magnetic medium of your choice. (USB, external hard disk, DVD, CD, etc.).

Being a software in a modern environment can run on Windows XP and higher operating systems.

This tool allows you to export the database of registered employees, save and in case of damage to the machine on which is installed the software proceeds to be installed on another computer without any problem importing the database to be had as backup and it continues to operate smoothly without data loss.

  • Observations and disciplinary actions: The application allows the registration of each employee in addition to the renovations, space observations and the ability to block, suspend or veto that user handle.

A security level allows the time of revival or renewal of the license is taken into account these observations have to proceed as established.

  • Searches: The program in its menu has an advanced search to locate an employee either by name, ID, or the criteria always require registration and when it is within the form of the tab.