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CRM - Customer Relationship

crmWhat is a CRM? It is a business strategy oriented customer loyalty. Allows all company employees have updated information on them with the aim of optimizing the company / client relationship.

A key success factor for a company is the customer relationship, it increases the income and quality of enterprise services and allows a centralized contact information management.

That's why to promote and simplify this process effective CRM strategies are established.

With the advent of the Internet and the ability to make electronic business transactions, the way we do business has changed and has generated very particular conditions in relation to the expectations of customers, as shown below:

  • crm integracionSelect from a variety of products and services in seconds.
  • Evaluation / comparison between products from different vendors to reach a purchase decision more quickly, increasing the speed of response in both directions (client - organization).
  • View information products and services on any day of the week, 365 days a year without time restrictions.
  • Response to their needs regardless of the channel they use or function is carried out in the consultation contact.
  • Increased availability of functions that can be performed by self-service.
  • Chance to experience a wide range of exceptional services and different that what surprised in each of the moments of contact with the organization.
  • Choice between different payment options, such as credit card, bank deposit and payment upon receipt of the goods.
  • Offer all products and services you need in one place, for a full purchase.