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Why Colombia?

Colombia is becoming very short time one of the preferred destinations for offshore contact centers and other BPO operations in Latin America.

Our country has a large pool of qualified personnel, service-oriented expert in the fields of BPO and information technology. It is an excellent nearshore option for the United States and Spain because of its timeslot, frequent daily flights to major cities and its similar culture.

It is also the second Spanish-speaking country (after Mexico) with a neutral accent that allows full understanding with other Latin American countries.

Some Reasons ...

  • 40% of the Colombian population is between 15 and 39 years.
  • There are more than 240,000 new high school graduates each concentrated in major cities year.
  • About 30% start a career in higher education (technical college or university).
  • About 5,000 English speakers annually entering the labor market, a number that grows every year thanks to Colombia Bilingual program.

Our main goal is to attract, maintain and enhance the professional development of our staff by offering our employees stability, competitive salaries, continuing education and career opportunities.

We offer comprehensive training to our employees. We invest over 100 hours in training related to the fundamental principles that are the reason for our work areas: Customer Service Excellence and Society.

To ensure we offer the best service, we train our agents in the development of skills such as customer orientation, problem solving, negotiation and sales, among others.

Our partners also receive training on how to manage our customers' products so that encouraged their knowledge, go further than what is the definition of their work and exceed the expectations of users.

Backed by highly specialized partners, as well as leading technology and operational support processes high-quality, we offer outsourced solutions for calls generated worldwide. Ensure the most secure technology for our business processes outsourced is a priority for our company.